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Activated Carbon

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Coconut shell activated carbon HANDLING INDUSTRIAL GASES.  Coconut shell activated carbon water filter material made ​​from coconut shells and is fired to temperatures between 800 - 1000 ° C, Activated Carbon is the material consists mainly of carbon atoms in the form of amorphous carbon active product line is very diverse applications as the technology used in water treatment, waste water, color removal, deodorizing, used to treat industrial emissions.  Some characteristics of coconut shell activated carbon: - Activated carbon black, porous, lightweight, has an area of ​​surface adsorption huge range (800 - 2500m2 / g, depending on the technology of activated charcoal). - Activated carbon coconut shell is made ​​from the skull of coconut activated at high temperatures (800 1000 ° C). - Activated carbon sustainable structure, hardness inside the particles thus ensuring mechanical strength.  The scope of application of activated carbon. - Activated carbon used in water treatment technology: Consisting of three main categories: + Used for pure water treatment: This is the coconut shell charcoal luxury, are activated with high temperatures usually dongf 6x12Mesh or 4x8mesh products. + Type used in water treatment wells or surface water: This is the product of the process of collecting the products made ​​of pure coconut shell charcoal and combined with additives to coal compressed into ingots with size size 2 - 4mm. This material is being applied by domestic wells are not cheap fertilizer during use. + Used in wastewater treatment technology: This is the worst product quality by coal contains many impurities in coal and small size, are likely to be crushed and dissolved in water if met to the water complex. - Activated carbon used in gas treatment: This is a high-end product lines are often used in the field of industrial waste gas treatment, or used in the food industry, chemical ... - In addition, activated carbon is also very wide applications in many different fields, such as recovery of precious metals in the gold mining ...  Some common particle size: - 4x8Mesh (both granular) - 3x6mesh (both granular) - 6x12mesh (granular)

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